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Cinnamon Teal offers freelance graphics work

CinnamonTeal Publishing, an on-demand publishing house is based in Goa. They are primarily are an on-demand printer but we also provide the whole range of services a self-publishing author may need such as editing, page design, cover design and book marketing. For more about what we do, please visit

They work mostly with freelancers and the relatively small budgets of the authors means that they have to work within reasonable expectations. They pay between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000 per cover depending on the complexity of the cover. The designer is expected to provide us with three distinct choices from which the author will choose one design. That chosen design can then go through a maximum of 5 iterations till the author is satisfied with the design.

If interested, please write to Mr.Leonard Fernandes at


Alumnus Bhavin writes about NID’s touch that transformed his life

Alumnus Bhavin Mali convocated in Dec. 2008 with PG in product design and now is working with YObykes in Ahmedabad for last 2 years. While going through the NID Today blog, he felt he should share what he wrote recently about NID. This was with reference to 50 years of NID and what it means to be a part of NID. Bhavin is reachable on

If you could also connect to what he has written, drop in your thoughts as well.

The Touch of NID

Ever thought about what it takes you, to be ‘YOU’?

What it means to be part of NID?

What it means to have NID in your life?

What is that, that makes you the only one, from the selected few?

After going through the same summers, the same winters and the same pigeon path shit, how is it that each one of you, each unique one of you have become, even more ‘YOU’?

the intensified ‘YOU’?

Because you had,

what it takes to be part of NID.

Because you were blessed, to have in your life,

‘The Touch of NID’.

The touch,

that will stay forever with you, like your own soul.

The one that transformed you,


the one that simply made you ‘feel’ who you really are,

what you are really capable of.

The touch that is your own!

The touch,

that you felt in all your good and bad times,

the one that created your and only your own memories,

the one that opened you up, to yourself, and to the world,

the one that everyone you touched, identifies even today.

Yes, ‘The Touch of NID’, which started with,

‘No Touching’!

Your own ‘Touch of NID’,

the one you have earned while you breathed NID,

the one that will now transform everything you touch

throughout your life and even after,

products, people, minds, lives….

The Touch of NID

50 Years Fresh!

MindTree is hiring!

MindTree has entered the business of developing feature-rich, white-labeled mobile handsets to telecom service providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with design as the key differentiator . This new business unit is named as NIW (Next In Wireless) and the acquisition of Kyocera Wireless India (KWI) provides a foundation for creation of this vertical. Concept Labs at NIW, MindTree (Bangalore) is the Design and R&D wing of the organization with designers from domains like Industrial design, User Experience design, User Interface Engineering, Visual design and CAD design. It boasts of a highly creative environment, a talented team and one of the best infrastructures in the country. Concept Labs is expanding and looking for a talented and committed designers. Please take a look at the attached JDs.

Interested candidates please mail your resume and portfolios to and cc to

Prof Ranjan’s update from Aalto University, Helsinki

Prof Ranjan is traveling in Ulm Germany today after having spent three days at the HfG Ulm Archive and one full day and night at the Faculty Guest studios at the original HfG Ulm campus thanks to Nick Roericht’s kind offer for him to stay at his studio on the HfG campus. He is off to Helsinki tomorrow morning having been invited to deliver a keynote address at the 4th International Conference on Activity Theory, titled FISCAR 2010 at Helsinki. He will be meeting some of the world leaders of Activity Theory there.

The conference theme is “Perspectives on social creativity, designing and activity”. We conceive of design as a field of knowledge and activity concerned with the creation of artifacts. Creative activities operate with diverse modes of knowing and representations. Creativity is a social quality that involves communication and community formation. Creative activities and design are needed when humans transform their circumstances by developing new technologies and institutions. Creation of the new relies on cultural mediation and historically accumulated resources. Activity theory and socio-cultural approaches offer fresh perspectives on these themes. The conference aims at bringing together diverse points of view and disciplinary orientations to discuss social creativity, design and activity.

He says – “It is a rare privilege for me to be the opening keynote speaker on the 23rd May 2010 at Helsinki’s new Aalto University and I am speaking about NID’s ideology and design strategies that were developed over the last 40 years to deal with the special needs of the crafts and small scale industries sectors in particular in India. I use this as an opportunity to reflect on our “NID way” as it seems to have developed over the years and I use my personal experiences from childhood at home as well as my current ideas on the subject and to do all this through reflection and with the use of the framework of the Activity Theory which is used to make sense of the NID Way as I see it today. I attach the conference programme and my paper abstract for your reference.”

Read his key note address at – Raindrops & Footprints_Helsinki_Lres

Veneta Cucine & Domus announce contest for Indian designers

Download details at  – 2010_India Kitchen

Opportunities with Yahoo! Bangalore

Yahoo!, the world’s number one Internet brand, services over half a billion people. We are proud to stand out in the crowd as the top Internet destination that delivers news, entertainment, information and fun… each and every day. We always look out for big thinkers who embody the innovative, collaborative, fun spirit that’s uniquely Yahoo!.

UED at Yahoo! is responsible for the designs that create winning experiences for our products. Be it Cricket, Jagran, Locals, Maps, Editor tools, Mail, Advertising Platforms or Ad Experiences – UED anticipates users’ varied needs to design wow experiences for them. With a team size of 30 in Bangalore and 40 including Emerging Markets (headquartered in Bangalore), we design not only for India and the Emerging Markets but also for global products. We are a multi-disciplinary team of Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, Web Accessibility specialists, Content Strategists and Prototype Creators that designs and delivers some of the most successful Yahoo! products.

We are currently looking for INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS with 6-9 years of experience to help design Yahoo!’s online properties and applications. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and scripting will be of added advantage.
We have specific openings for designers with experience in designing apps for iPhone, Android or Nokia WRT.

We are also looking at strong PEOPLE MANAGERS with 10-12 or more, years of experience in building teams, setting up best practices, representing UED at exec levels, and growing teams. They should be able to make
business cases for higher investments in UED and quantify the value that UED bring to the product or business.

Please send in your resume with a link to your portfolio, to <> . In the subject line of your email, mention your experience and also `Interaction Designer’ or `Visual Designer’ – whichever best represents your skills. Example: `Interaction Designer – 9 years’.

INDEX design challenge

Following the huge success of the last INDEX: design challenge, in which more than 700 students from 28 countries submitted projects on Water’s Future, we are proud to announce that again this year we will be posing a challenge to the design students of the world to use their competencies to address serious issues and make a real difference in people’s lives. We are also proud to announce that this year the challenge has been developed in close collaboration with and endorsed by UNICEF.

The theme of the INDEX: Design Challenge 2010 is Education, which is a key factor in a number of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. UNICEF is globally recognized as the organization that advocates for the rights of children all across the world, and it will provide the students with fact sheets on very real challenges it faces when trying to provide education to children in specific regions.

The challenges are diverse and encompass the following design fields: Communication Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, and Service Design.A full brief will be sent out at the beginning of June, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to engage your students in designing to improve life.

interested institutes and faculty should get in touch with alumnus Sudhir Sharma, Regional Ambassador at