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Alumnus Bhavin writes about NID’s touch that transformed his life

Alumnus Bhavin Mali convocated in Dec. 2008 with PG in product design and now is working with YObykes in Ahmedabad for last 2 years. While going through the NID Today blog, he felt he should share what he wrote recently about NID. This was with reference to 50 years of NID and what it means to be a part of NID. Bhavin is reachable on

If you could also connect to what he has written, drop in your thoughts as well.

The Touch of NID

Ever thought about what it takes you, to be ‘YOU’?

What it means to be part of NID?

What it means to have NID in your life?

What is that, that makes you the only one, from the selected few?

After going through the same summers, the same winters and the same pigeon path shit, how is it that each one of you, each unique one of you have become, even more ‘YOU’?

the intensified ‘YOU’?

Because you had,

what it takes to be part of NID.

Because you were blessed, to have in your life,

‘The Touch of NID’.

The touch,

that will stay forever with you, like your own soul.

The one that transformed you,


the one that simply made you ‘feel’ who you really are,

what you are really capable of.

The touch that is your own!

The touch,

that you felt in all your good and bad times,

the one that created your and only your own memories,

the one that opened you up, to yourself, and to the world,

the one that everyone you touched, identifies even today.

Yes, ‘The Touch of NID’, which started with,

‘No Touching’!

Your own ‘Touch of NID’,

the one you have earned while you breathed NID,

the one that will now transform everything you touch

throughout your life and even after,

products, people, minds, lives….

The Touch of NID

50 Years Fresh!


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