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Logo design for UNESCO program

UNESCO has established the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts program to acknowledge artisans around the world whose work exemplify tradition, innovation and sustainability in handicrafts. Looking to support UNESCO’s work in this area, DESIGN 21: Social Design Network has developed the Crafting Excellence competition to create the official logo for UNESCO’s flagship program. Two winners including an Overall Winner as chosen by UNESCO and a D21 Judges’ Pick will receive $3,000 and $2,000 respectively in addition to a Most Popular entry.


TypeGallery 2010: Call for Submissions

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) announced a call for submissions for the TypeGallery 2010, an annual showcase of new typeface design. All submitted type specimens and designs will be displayed in a gallery setting during TypeCon2010 in Los Angeles, becoming part of a permanent online showcase.
Many typefaces will travel internationally after the conference and may also be selected for future print publication by SOTA.

Deadline for submissions is August 5, 2010.

Those magnificent men in their flying machines – screening today (30 jun)

or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours and 11 minutes

Men have dreamed through the ages of being able to take wing. But until the 20th century, practical attempts to make that dream come true seemed only to confirm the belief of the less visionary- Flying is strictly for birds!

Then,in 1903, the Wright Brothers soar aloft for twelve whole seconds in an engine powered glider. By 1910 and flying machines have taken hold of everyone’s imagination. So a wealthy publisher, anxious to increase circulation, sets up a contest: he’ll give a £10,000 prize to whoever’s first to cross the English Channel in a plane. And it isn’t long before a large group of greedy, ambitious folks are off and flying, hoping to win fortune and fame! (Source: VHS summary)

This adventure comedy, direct by Ken Amnakin, was nominated for an Oscar.
Running Time: 127 min

Audi, 6:15 PM

WIDD lectures at NID audi today (29th) @ 5 pm

Celebrations-World Industrial Design Day 2010 on Tue., 29th June’10 at 5.00 pm at NID auditorium, Paldi Campus: – ‘Industrial Design in Public Domain’ lecture by Mr. Praveen Nahar, Associate Senior Faculty, Faculty of Industrial Design, NID & ‘New Product Development’ a case study by Mr. Sreejith Kumar PS, Lead System Designer, Lumium Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

All are cordially invited.

Pool Design mag is out!

The first issue of Pool the design magazine has been launched. More details awaited.

Designers for OSM global, Gurgaon

OSM Group is a Customized Product Solutions provider. It conceptualizes and supplies retail solutions, accessories and components to the multimedia industry, including several major brands globally. The company employs over 300 people in Europe, Asia & the US. We are looking for candidates who possess excellent Conceptual and Original Thinking; along with impeccable communication and interpersonal skills, enthusiastic team players who take pride in ensuring excellence in every detail and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.

The work profile primarily is to design accessories with varied materials / finishes / trims / concepts around established brands. In a way, it offers a consumers a wide choice to customize the existing device. Concepts are expected to be wacky and innovative.

The candidate should have an ability to think far and wide, and generate concepts more in quantity rather quality. This is because the first phase requires a wide bouquet for selection of ideas. Ideally the designer should be able to express ideas through Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop renderings. 3D skills are not mandatory for the first stage of conceptualisation.

The designer will be backed by a very strong engineering team which will engineer the final concepts, if needed.

Placement will be at Gurgaon. Salaries will be better than the best in the industry.
Please send portfolios to

Opening for product designers in Chennai

PHOENIX medical systems established in 1989, Phoenix is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of quality neonatal care equipment in India. The Phoenix range of products is trusted in hospitals worldwide today. PHOENIX is looking for Industrial Designer with (0-2) years of experience,working location will be Chennai.

Send portfolios to –