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Garba 2010 goes sustainable!

SAC says “This time, during the event, we’re planning to have a stall dedicated to the NID community. The students, faculty, etc, can make exclusive Garba merchandise and put it up for sale at this stall. Exclusive meaning that no two products in the stall will be the same! By merchandise, it could mean anything from illustrations to posters to postcards to junk jewellery to pen-stands to bookmarks to audiovisual content and anything else you can come up with! Of course, the theme of the product should be “Garba”!

-Please make these products out of cheap material, thrown away material and do recycle waste, because the cost of production will NOT be compensated by the institute or the SAC.

-Prices will be decided by the Garba 2010 team. One can always suggest the price he/she would like the product to cost.

-Students/faculty making the product will NOT get any monetary profit in case of it’s sale. Their names cannot be associated with the products officially as it is against the institute’s rules for any student to sell a commodity under his/her personal name while being a student of NID.

Whatever money that we earn from sale of items will go in the SAC account for future expenses. So, if one is concerned about the money, it will come back indirectly for students’ benefit.

Anyways, the reason why we have taken this initiative is not to make any profit. This year one of the SAC’s aim is to connect the city of Ahmedabad the NID student body. Apart from social service initiatives which will be taken by the SAC this year, Garba is a platform where we can share our work, thoughts and solutions with people from outside the NID community. This is the larger context to this initiative and we are hoping for a real positive response from specially the student body.

Think about it, everyone gets to go home with an exclusive item as a souvenir of being a part of a rare “NID experience”!


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