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Alumnus Sandip Paul wins Red Dot Concept 2010

Congratulations Sandip!


Alumnus Chetan Sorab wins the Rod Dot Award 2010!

Beach bellow is a collapsible beach chair which helps to make beach trips much more fun and relaxing. It draws inspiration from a regular bellow and is made of silicon rubber supported by spring steel members. Beach bellow is a youthful and fun chair which is easy to carry, store and use. The two sides of bellow can be either used for lying down or sitting. Beach bellow helps reduce the burden of carrying heavy chairs to the beach and has distinct bright colors to keep a track.

Yo Chetan!

Suruchi wins Tierney fellowship for photography

Suruchi has won the tierney fellowship for photography this year . She gets $5000 and exhibition in New York.


Design contest for US based alumni

The contest is open to anyone with a new and original design or idea to create and design an innovative cosmetic brush utilizing more sustainable materials. The winner will be awarded $2,500, international recognition and a trip to New York City for the unveiling during the HBA tradeshow in New York City in September, as well as the opportunity to see their product manufactured.

Applicants are required to submit drawings and/or a product prototype to be judged on several key points, including: use of sustainable materials, innovation/originality, design aesthetics, marketability, cost to produce, and the overall product life cycle.

The contest closes on August 30th.

Shresha Rai wins Shop for Change T Shirt Design Contest 2010

ADM 3rd SEM student, Shresha Rai has been selected as one of the winners for “Shop for Change T Shirt Design Contest 2010”

Congratulations Shresha!

Yogesh Chaudhary wins Van Heusen award!

ADM 3rd SEM student, Yogesh Chaudhary has been selected as one of the winners of the Van Heusen Emerging Designers of the Year 2010. (total two winners selected). He is expected to showcase his creation in the event Van Heusen India Mens Week is scheduled from August 27 – 29, 2010 at The Grand New Delhi. The award giving ceremony will be held on 28th August, 2010.

More details and photographs are awaited.

NID film screening in Delhi

On 26h February, 2010 (Friday), at 9.30 am and at 11.45 am, at the ‘Persistence Resistance’Film Festival, organised by the Magic Lantern Foundation, New Delhi, 15 NID Film & Video student films are being shown.

Venue: INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, Lodhi Estate, N. Delhi – 3

26h Feb ’10 / 9.30 am Screenings –

01) Sarai (Dir: Prachi Mokashi)
02) Pollena Kathe (Dir: Udayraj P.J.)
03) Bride Wanted (Dir: Sarah Da’Costa)
04) Kapi (Dir: Prahlad Gopakumar)
05) Tran Eka Tran (Dir: Aastha Gohil)
06) Antardvandva (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh)
07) Allah-o-Akbar (Dir: Ahsam K.R.)
08) Purna Virama (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh)

11.45 am Screenings –

09) What’s The Point Of Telling Stories… (Dir: Aditi Banerjee)
10) Nodir Gan (Dir: Prachi Mokashi)
11) Drizzle (Dir: Ahsam K.R.)
12) Sarkhej (Dir: Shraddha Sakhalkar)
13) Dopahar (Dir: Siddharth Gautam Singh)
14) Gullak (Dir: Manish Saini)
15) Chaah (Dir: Prem Gunjan)