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Plot: Selma has emigrated with her son from Central Europe to America. The year is 1964. She works day and night to save her son from the same disease she suffers from, a disease that inevitably will make her blind. But Selma has the energy to live because of her secret! She loves musicals. When life feels tough she can pretend that she is in the wonderful world of musicals…just for a short moment. All the happiness life is not able to give her she finds there…

Genre: Musical Drama
Running time: 140 min.
Country: Denmark

About the Director: An ambitious and visually distinctive filmmaker from Denmark, Lars von Trier studied film at at the Danish Film School and attracted international attention with his very first feature, The Element of Crime (1984). A highly distinctive blend of film noir and German Expressionism with stylistic nods to Dreyer, Andrei Tarkovsky and Orson Welles, its combination of yellow-tinted monochrome cinematography (pierced by shafts of blue light) and doom-haunted atmosphere made it an unforgettable visual experience. His subsequent features Epidemic (1987) and Zentropa (1991) have been equally ambitious both thematically and visually. His international fame is most likely to be based on The Kingdom (1994), a TV soap opera blending hospital drama, ghost story and Twin Peaks (1990)-style surrealism that was so successful in Denmark that it was released internationally as a 280-minute theatrical feature.


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Those magnificent men in their flying machines – screening today (30 jun)

or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours and 11 minutes

Men have dreamed through the ages of being able to take wing. But until the 20th century, practical attempts to make that dream come true seemed only to confirm the belief of the less visionary- Flying is strictly for birds!

Then,in 1903, the Wright Brothers soar aloft for twelve whole seconds in an engine powered glider. By 1910 and flying machines have taken hold of everyone’s imagination. So a wealthy publisher, anxious to increase circulation, sets up a contest: he’ll give a £10,000 prize to whoever’s first to cross the English Channel in a plane. And it isn’t long before a large group of greedy, ambitious folks are off and flying, hoping to win fortune and fame! (Source: VHS summary)

This adventure comedy, direct by Ken Amnakin, was nominated for an Oscar.
Running Time: 127 min

Audi, 6:15 PM

NID film screening in Delhi

On 26h February, 2010 (Friday), at 9.30 am and at 11.45 am, at the ‘Persistence Resistance’Film Festival, organised by the Magic Lantern Foundation, New Delhi, 15 NID Film & Video student films are being shown.

Venue: INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, Lodhi Estate, N. Delhi – 3

26h Feb ’10 / 9.30 am Screenings –

01) Sarai (Dir: Prachi Mokashi)
02) Pollena Kathe (Dir: Udayraj P.J.)
03) Bride Wanted (Dir: Sarah Da’Costa)
04) Kapi (Dir: Prahlad Gopakumar)
05) Tran Eka Tran (Dir: Aastha Gohil)
06) Antardvandva (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh)
07) Allah-o-Akbar (Dir: Ahsam K.R.)
08) Purna Virama (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh)

11.45 am Screenings –

09) What’s The Point Of Telling Stories… (Dir: Aditi Banerjee)
10) Nodir Gan (Dir: Prachi Mokashi)
11) Drizzle (Dir: Ahsam K.R.)
12) Sarkhej (Dir: Shraddha Sakhalkar)
13) Dopahar (Dir: Siddharth Gautam Singh)
14) Gullak (Dir: Manish Saini)
15) Chaah (Dir: Prem Gunjan)

Today’s film: Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Wednesday Feb 10 – Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Director: Wim Wenders

Duration: 81 mins

Synopsis: A fascinating documentary by Wim Wenders that explores the work of noted Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. The filmmaker follows Yamamoto from Tokyo to France as the designer arranges his Paris showing. Through a dialogue between the director and his subject, the film offers an original take on the meaning of fashion and style in the art world as well as in contemporary life.


NID Film club – tribute to Eric Rohmer

NID Film club pays tribute to Éric Rohmer, with a special screening of his film – Boyfriends and Girlfriends. Rohmer died on the morning of 11 January 2010 at the age of 89. His cause of death is unknown. He had been admitted to hospital the previous week. The former Culture Minister Jack Lang said he was “one of the masters of French cinema”. Director Thierry Fremaux described his work as “unique”.

About the director:
Éric Rohmer (4 April 1920 – 11 January 2010) was a French film director, film critic, journalist, novelist, screenwriter and teacher. A figure in the post-war New Wave cinema, he was a former editor of Cahiers du cinéma.
Rohmer was the last of the French New Wave directors to become established. He worked as the editor of the Cahiers du cinéma periodical from 1957 to 1963, while most of his Cahiers colleagues like Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, were beginning their careers and gaining international attention. René Schérer a philosopher is his brother and René Monzat a journalist is his son. Rohmer came to international attention around 1969 when one of his films was recognised at the Academy Awards. He won the San Sebastián International Film Festival with Claire’s Knee in 1970. In 2001, Rohmer received the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. His works were viewed by audiences around the world. He died of unspecified causes on 11 January 2010. In his obituary in The Daily Telegraph he was described as “the most durable film-maker of the French New Wave”, outlasting his peers and “still making movies the public wanted to see” late in his career.

About the film:
Blanche is freshly installed in Cergy-Pontoise, a trendy new town near Paris. She has a new apartment, a new job with no one over and no one under her. She meets Léa at the swimming pool, and soon she meets an acquaintance of Léa, Alexandre of whom she approaches somewhat awkwardly. The movie then follows the time honored plot of exchange of relationships, as Blanche and Lea switch boyfriends. The title of the movie in French is a pun: The boyfriend of my friend (could be my boyfriend).
Running time 103 mins
Language French

Feb 5, 2010