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Student photography displayed in Vienna


Arun & Shashi Ghosh Gupta’s film to be screened at ‘Jeevika’

The hardships and struggle for survival, sprinkled with moments of the lighter side of people, dwelling by the Ahmedabad city roadsides, will be viewed by an audience at the Indian Habitat Centre at Delhi.

The Asia livelihood documentary festival called ‘Jeevika’ will be held between, August 27 – 29 at the aforesaid venue. There would be screenings and discussions on 21 top documentaries from the country and abroad. Directed by Shashi Ghosh Gupta, the film has been produced by NID faculty Arun Gupta.

To be screened on August 27, the short film of eight minutes has nicely captured and presented the life of street vendors and dwellers of the city. The film not only captures the emotions and struggles of the people, whose occupation and means of survival runs by the roadsides of the city, but it has also nicely, captured and portrayed their positive outlook towards life.

Freelance writer and film-maker Shashi said, “The film takes a peek into the world of street entrepreneurs, who lead their lives in the shadow of constant threat. The film looks at the problems faced by them, in a sympathetic yet intimate manner.”

The documentary narrates the compulsion for survival and the need of supporting a family that has driven them to take up these hardships and how they dream for a better future. Shashi said, “Seeing their life everyday, I thought of capturing it in my film. I intend to create more films on similar lines, in the future.”

The film can also be watched online at:


Source: DNA

Exhibition design dept announces seminar in museum design

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Please join us for a day of talks and discussion on designing for museums. This seminar, organized by the Faculty of Exhibition Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, seeks to investigate issues related to museum exhibition design and the role of designers.
Date: Weds, 1st September
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Venue: NID auditorium, Paldi

“Across the great wall”

Mr. Sekhar Mukherjee, Coordinator, Animation Film Design is back from his recent visit to International Animation and Comic Festival which was held in China. We are very glad to have a talk session titled “Across the Great Wall” with him on Wednesday i.e. 18.08.2010 in NID auditorium at 5:00pm. He will talk about his experience in the animation and comic festival in China and will share his perspective on animation and comic book design.

All are most welcome. We look forward to your presence.

‘FACE UP’ – an exhibition of photographs @ NID

National Institute of Design and TASVEER have jointly organised, ‘FACE UP’ – An Exhibition of Photographs by Anna Fox and Sunil Gupta, at NID. You are cordially invited to the preview of this exhibition at 5.00 pm on Friday, 13th August 2010 at the Design Gallery, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

The exhibition will remain on view till 23rd August 2010 between 10.00 am and 7.00 pm.

Alumni registration for Golden Jubilee celebrations

NID is celebrating NID’s Golden Jubilee (50 years celebration) from November 2010 to November 2011.

This celebration will be a reuniting platform for the entire NID Alumni as you are integral part of the institution. To reach out to all the Alumni it is very important for us to create a contact database withall the NID Alumni community.

For which we have created an NID Alumni web link, you are kindly requested to take some time from your busy schedule and upload the details required on the webpage. This will enable us to share the events happening in NID and make it more interactive.

We look forward to receive your responses to this initiative. In addition, we also request you to kindly communicate this message to all our alumni whom you know. Kindly fill in the details of yours at and help us to make this effort successful.

In case of any query / assistance kindly contact Ms. Sujitha Nair at

Bamboo goes chic!

The humble bamboo, also known as poor man’s wood, is all set to be the medium in which furniture design statements are made. In an attempt to popularise bamboo furniture, the research and design campus of the National Institute of Design (NID), in collaboration with the Guwahati-based Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC), organised a month-long workshop with artisans from Assam.

The workshop, conducted by Susanth CS, coordinator, design for retail experience, (DRE), NID, was aimed at equipping artisans to create chic furniture that would be of a piece with modern interiors.

“What we usually see is bamboo furniture that is bulky and lacking in polish, full of creases. We want to train artisans to make foldable bamboo furniture, which is not bulky and also appealing, aesthetically,” said Susanth. He added that the NID had been engaged in innovation and experimentation with bamboo.

Artisans attending the workshop were taught, among other things, to make bamboo beds that are light and comfortable. “Traditional bamboo beds come in one piece. They are generally bulky. The beds we made were foldable and lighter.The furniture we have built is made in various parts, and the parts can later be assembled,” said Sushanth.