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Blog closed until further notice

Dear readers,

I intend to take a break till I feel upto this again.

Au revoir.


Student photography displayed in Vienna

Logo for Greenpeace !

Greenpeace Logo Design Competition for Renewable Energy – Greenpeace has launched a competition to design a visual message supporting the use of renewable energy sources and opposing nuclear power.Germany is on the brink of a crucial change in its energy policy and the winning design will be used ahead of the submission of the concept by the German government in September. Greenpeace wants to accompany this process with a campaign in which as many parliamentarians as possible shall declare themselves in favor of the use of renewables. For this purpose, Greenpeace wants to exert pressure on the internet and in the street in a communicative way.To support this campaign, Greenpeace is looking for a logo which accompanies the online-activities of Greenpeace. The logo shall also be used on sign-up lists, stickers and as a flag on balconies.

Deadline for submissions is August 16, 2010.

NID alumni meet

An evening filled with warm hugs, loud greetings and leg pulling — the first formal alumni meet of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, had this and much more. On Tuesday, close to 100 alumni of the institute gathered at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) yesterday to celebrate the appointment of the first alumnus of the institute on the governing council of NID. Shrikant Nivasarkar, who passed out from the institute in 1976 with the post-graduate diploma in Furniture Design, has been recently invited to join as a member of the governing council, an offer which he accepted. Pune-based Nivasarkar is in the city to attend the governing council meeting scheduled on Wednesday. Nivasarkar is the former president of national body of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). He was also a member of the India Design Council (IDC). The alumni meet brought together a number of designers and artists based in the city and that included many faculty members of NID. A m o n g the invitees at the alumni meeting were the two founding members of the institute, internationally known designer Dasharath Patel, who was the first appointment in NID, and Kumar Vyas, the first dean of the institute.

Srishti Labs needs innovation specialists

a.. Srishti Labs is a new initiative of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, to focus on early-phase innovation through a combination of user & business research and design exploration.
b.. We are looking for innovation specialists in a doer-manager role, having hands-on experience with multidisciplinary innovation and also capable of managing such work with external partners. The candidate should believe that better work is done through collaboration and be able to lead and inspire diverse teams through collaboration and respectful influence, not control, as well as direction, vision and planning. Successful candidates must know what excellence is. They not only identify and evangelize best practices, but also are able to push new boundaries and explore new territory in order to deliver innovation.
c.. Formal education in any of the design fields such as industrial design, business design, visual design, interaction design, UX design andhuman factors engineering is a must. Additional formal education or on-the-job experience in ethnographic methods, user research methods is a plus.
d.. Email your resume & portfolio to Warren Greving, Director at labs@srishti.
e.. In case of any queries or doubts, please get in touch with
Arvind Lodaya
Dean, Research @ Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology
Design Principal @ Srishti Labs

Handicrafts mapping project !

Mr. Dinesh Singh, Additional Development Commissioner for Handlooms Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India, is in search of a book which gives the complete information district wise of each state about handwoven products/techniques being used presently and in the past. If such a book exists then he would like to get it published again and publisise the same. If not published earlier, then he would someone like to take up this work. 

Please contact Shri Dinesh Singh on 01123062402, 23061716 for further information.

NID wishes you a very happy holi!